Law School Loan Report offers a concise, personalized, and easy-to-read summary of federal loan, FAFSA aid, and other student aid data. We use the federal government's National Student Loan Data System, accessing updated financial aid and loan details for each borrower. Law School Loan Report processes and delivers a personalized student aid report and FAFSA aid report, free of charge. Each student aid report, FAFSA aid and financial aid report contains comprehensive details of student aid loans, dates, schools, lenders, balances, and interest rates. To obtain a copy of your student aid, FAFSA aid, and financial aid reports, sign up today.

At Law School Loan Report, we understand the seriousness of identity theft. Accordingly, we have instituted the highest security standards to safeguard subscriber information, ensuring complete protection of all confidential personal data.

Law School Loan Report is comprised of a talented and dedicated team of financial aid experts who can address subscriber enquiries about federal loan reports, FAFSA information, and other financial aid concerns. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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